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My Approach 

Whether you prefer group sessions or a private tutorial my aim is to make your learning as interesting and as rewarding as possible. I prefer to work in a relatively relaxed environment where students feel comfortable enough to ask questions no matter how trivial they may seem at the time.  
Dialogue is an important tool for learning in this subject and I want every student to feel free to be able to explore all possibilities. At the same time, I want students to be able to make the significant improvements to their learning through focused hard work that will ensure they achieve their true potential. 

 Group English Tuition 

I have an office in Knowle, Solihull that can cater for up to six students. GCSE English Language examinations lend themselves beautifully to small group work. 
There are sessions covering: Nineteenth Century Fiction, Non-Fiction Nineteenth Century & Modern Non-Fiction. Transactional Writing and Creative/Imaginative Writing. 
Each session will last for one hour and will focus on the skills you need to enable you to analyse, evaluate and compare texts. Furthermore, we will ensure that you completely understand the focus of each question on the examination papers and have the confidence and ability to tackle each one with complete clarity and achieve those top bands. 

 Individual English Tuition 

If you would prefer tuition on a 1:1 basis then that is no problem. Courses will be tailored to your specific needs; whether that is focusing on English Language or English Literature that is entirely up to you.  
Sessions run for one hour and will take place in your own home. I will bring all resources with me, all I ask is that there is somewhere fairly quiet to work together and you are at home on time for the tutorial to begin. 

 Our Expectations 

From Bournville English Tuition 

What you can expect from Bournville English Tuition. I will ensure that all work is thoroughly prepared in readiness for the tuition period. Your child will receive 1:1 with immediate feedback and any work set will be marked in readiness for the next session. 
All students will be treated with respect and in a friendly and polite manner. 
I will arrive promptly and if in the unlikely event we need to cancel or re-arrange a session you will be informed 24 hours beforehand. 
I will provide past exam papers and example materials and I will have all the resources you will need 


I simply ask: 
That you arrive promptly to allow the session to begin on time with no interruptions. 
You complete any tasks set in readiness for the following session. 
Whilst all this additional study is important for helping you achieve your goals I truly hope that you will also enjoy the sessions and have some fun. It may also begin a lifelong relationship with a love of Literature. That would be perfect. 


What we expect from you and your son or daughter. 
I expect that your son or daughter is ready to work and available at the arranged time. 
All materials such as pens, paper, and text books are provided by yourselves. 
There should be a room available that is suitable for private study; so as little distractions as possible. 
Fees should be paid at the beginning of each session. 
Your son or daughter is expected to complete any tasks set in readiness for the following session. 
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